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A windows automation tool to create new images. PrepSys installs programs, sets windows settings, joins domain, copys profile, defrags, etc. All settings configurable from GUI.


  • Join Domain
  • Install unattended applications using switches/autoinstalls
  • Set windows settings
  • Copy Working Profile to Default Profile
  • Set Background
  • Defragment
  • Copys sysprep to c:\sysprep and launches
  • Save and Load all settings based on INI file
  • Set PrepSys to AutoLaunch/AutoRun on next boot (I use this for the computers first boot after being deployed, to run a join domain ini)
  • Open Source (AutoIt Scripting Language -

PrepSys v0.97

PrepSys v0.97 - 11/7/2007


  • Added option to turn off automatic updates
  • Added option to delete IconCache.db
  • Added bug fixes from the unrelease v0.96 (that I forget what are)

PrepSys v0.955     06-17-07


  • fixed problem where network credentials weren’t saved, so after a reboot programs wouldn't load (cause they could not authenticate)

  • added windows installer into run menu

  • started using "HKEY CURRENT USER" instead of searching for the registry location "HKEY_USERS\S-1-5-21......" ... it’s the same thing so there’s no need to search for it

  • modified change computer name script so the NetBIOS name is limited to 15 characters (if it’s more than 25 it causes windows to not boot)

  • various bug fixes

PrepSys v0.95     06-15-07

PrepSys v0.945    03-01-07

PrepSys v0.935     07-16-06


  • Added Add Prepsys to startup section

  • interface changes

  • bug fixes

PrepSys v0.925     07-09-06


  • Bug fixes

PrepSys v0.92     07-07-06


  • Added Join Domain Section *note* changing the machine name in the join domain tab changes the computers name
  • Fix restart bug that would launch the system32 directory instead of Prepsys

PrepSys v0.91     07-04-06


  • updated GUI
  • Updated Copy Profile Script
  • Removed Office Serial section
  • Updated Desktop Image Script
  • Added Support for Domain Users from Default Admin and Copy Profile Users

PrepSys v0.9     06-24-06


  • Added support for switches
  • Added Support for multiple configurations
  • Added Extra Programs Install section
  • Added deepfreeze install option
  • Updated and simplified various parts of code

PrepSys v0.8     03-08-06

PrepSys v0.6     02-04-06

PrepSys v0.5     01-11-06

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