Ipod Mod

by Andrew Calcutt last modified 2023-04-04T16:13:15+00:00

My friends 30gb broke and I had a 60gb drive with the same IDE connection. The problem with using the 60gb drive is that it is thicker that the 30gb drive. Its thickness prevented the iPod from fitting together properly. Since the iPod was already broken, and it worked with the 60gb drive attached, we decided to modify the iPod. To start we drew a rough drawing of the part of the drive that would need to stick out of the iPod.

We started out by making a rough cut with a dremel tool

After our rough cutting, this is what we ended up with

Next we started smoothing the jagged edges. We had cut the hole a good amount smaller than it actually needed so we could get the hole just right. It took at least 30 minutes to get this the way we wanted.

After the drive is in place all you need to do is run the apple updater tool. We had done this before we cut a hole in it. The iPod is now 60gb

*Please Note* I do not recommend doing this to an iPod. We attempted this because we had the parts and we had a broken iPod. Modifying the iPod like this puts your hard drive at high risk.

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