othe sage chroot notes

by Andrew Calcutt last modified 2011-07-04T12:09:54+00:00
just some other random stuff found while chrooting sage

mount: Not a directory when mounting image file

I originally was following (http://sage.math.washington.edu/tmp/sage-2.8.12.alpha0/doc/inst/node10.html)  but had issues at the following step

Then we add the line

/sage_chroot.image /sage_chroot ext3 bind   0     0

(Of course, the above values should be changed to reflect the directory location and filesystem type you chose previously.) Then finally to mount it we run:

$ sudo mount -a

Whenever I ran "mount -a" I was getting the error

mount: Not a directory

I eventually found this was because to mount a file with fstab you need to use the loop option instead of bind, like the following

/sage_chroot.image /sage_chroot ext3 loop   0     0

While this did seem to work, I didn't end up using a image file like that because none of the other chroot examples I read did it that way

Ubuntu 9.10 404 errors on apt-get

I had 404 errors from "sudo apt-get install texlive xpdf evince" in ubuntu 9.10. I installed the following packages manually then re-ran "sudo apt-get install texlive xpdf evince" to get around this.


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